justUs, MH Foundation held the inaugural Black Men’s Mental Health Conference in Dayton, Ohio. During this ground-breaking conference, attendees heard from community leaders, doctors, activists, and therapists who shared their inspirational stories, coping skills, workable strategies, and resources for achieving mental health/wellness. With new conference cities quickly being added to our tour, The Black Men’s Mental Health Conference hopes to be the catalyst to change in each community it meets.

Camillia Harris with justUs, MH Foundation has crafted a strategic approach to bring awareness to mental health issues that lie dormant and go unrecognized. After losing her father to suicide, she is determined to remove the band-aids of trauma, pain, and unmet mental health needs. Harris states, “ We must have discussions around intervention and preventative measures (THAT WORK). We must ignite trust back into our communities, within our physicians, and in our very own households. We must hold each other accountable for helping someone in need. We can’t look the other way anymore”.