The Black Men's Mental Health Conference

The BMMHC was created to provide a platform designed to identify specific tools, resources, and networks that support Black Men and their mental health journeys. Disparities in mental health treatment have caused significantly higher levels of drug abuse, suicide, and domestic violence in communities comprised of people of color.

The BMMHC will always host a panel of men with careers ranging from sports to psychiatry. During the conferences, men from various regions will come together to gain knowledge and discover methods for coping with trauma and/or unmet needs related to their mental health. We are excited to announce tour dates and locations as they become available. Stay tuned for additional details and dates to come. 

If you would like the Black Men’s Mental Health Conference to come to your city, contact us at


Dayton, OH – April 15, 2023 – View Conference Video
Atlanta, GA – July 15, 2023 – View Conference Video
Houston, TX – December 9, 2023Get Your Tickets!
Dayton, OH – April 13, 2024
Atlanta, GA – July 20, 2024
Baltimore, MD – (TBD)
Detroit, MI  – (TBD)
Washington, D.C. – (TBD)
Dallas, TX – (TBD)
Montgomery, AL – (TBD)
Memphis, TN – (TBD)
Philadelphia, PA – (TBD)



To ensure attendees get the full benefit of an intimate conference, we are only offering a limited number of seats.